Today was my 11th day of my chastity month and like the last time, it marked the point from which things started to get a little more difficult. I was horny from the moment I woke up and I couldn't help but take a dildo with me into the shower and fuck it while I was washing myself. I leaked a lot of precum, but it didn't help much with my arousal.
I tried to keep myself busy, but every sexy image, every though of my Domina, let my cock grow.
In the evening, Lady Helena ordered me to clean my bathroom with a toothbrush, like Domina Shelle had done it a while ago. For the fraction of a second I thought, how boring this task is, but the the pleasure of obedience took over and caused an erection once again.
I had already cleaned my flat yesterday, but it's not an option to question a command from my Superiors. So I focused even more on the details this time and left out the big surfaces that were already clean. After 90 minutes, I couldn't think of any spot that I might have missed. I had even moved the cabinet under the sink away to clean there. I was satisfied with my work...

While I was cleaning, I had listened to a random playlist of loop-files and many of them were about chastity. This helped me with my desperation. I'm still horny, but the desire to stroke isn't that strong anymore. Maybe it's also the fact, that I'm a bit exhausted from cleaning...

Master Triggers

As a part of my current assignment, I listened to Master Triggers, which is a training and reinforcement of all the triggers that Domina Shelle has implanted deep into my mind. It a bit difficult to write about it, because i went down so deeply, that i don't remember much. But i do remember, that Domina played with the 'horny' and 'limp' triggers a lot during the file. Making me aroused and my cock hard only to let me go limp again seconds later.
I was surprised, when the file ended. It felt like only half an hour had passed, but this file is almost one hour long! While I was laying there and coming back to reality very slowly, the effects of Her teasing, combined with my current state of denial kicked in. Never before have i been so desperate to stroke! I had planned to sleep after listening, but it was impossible to calm my thoughts, there was only my arousal that was enveloping my mind. Domina said, that i would be going nuts, but this was much earlier and stronger than expected!

Dangerous Pleasure

Domina's newest session is called Dangerous Pleasures. She released it already yesterday, but I had guests, so I had to wait with listening until today. As always, Her induction worked perfectly and I was soon drifting into a mindless sleep.
From the moment I realized, that this session is about chastity, I got horny, my cock stiffened and it stayed this way throughout the recording. Domina Shelle implanted a powerful new suggestion in my mind. From now on, I will fall into a hypnotic sleep every time I get close to the edge. This will make me unable to finish and I will stay in this trance state until my arousal fades. I will be totally unable to cum without my Owner's explicit instructions!
Unfortunately, I couldn't test the suggestion due to my chastity month, but I'm sure, that it will work perfectly, since this is something, I have fantasized about before!

Instead, I stayed in a super-horny state for the rest of the day. I'm only a week into this chastity month and this recording is already making it very hard. I know now, why Domina said, that I would be going nuts...